#1: Complaining

It’s not that women just like to complain. I mean, they do. For sure. Women complainingjust have requirements regarding the intricate act of complaining. Mainly, don’t attempt solve the problem.

Now, this little morsel of information is extremely difficult for men to understand.

The act of complaining is a carefully planned out process, consisting of several steps. To have those steps altered, well, it ruins the Chi of the whole ‘complaining experience.’ When one attempts to solve the predicament of the woman in question, do not be surprised if the reaction received is not the expected outcome.

Have you received a glare, a frown or a raised eyebrow when butting in? Have you suggested that she ‘talk about it’, ‘think through it,’ or ‘you looked fine in the first shirt, why are you changing’? You, sir, have tried to solve the problem. That being said– you, sir, are in some shit.

It’s not that women don’t appreciate sound advice. We just don’t want it from you. Simply put, women love to bitch. Men want to help. Why do they want to help Women? So that we will stop the bitching.

So, if women don’t want the problem solved, why go to a man with the complaint? Probably because her girlfriend didn’t pick up her cell phone. Yet, I digress…

Back to the complaining. Have you ever wondered why women yap on the phone for an hour to any girlfriend that will listen, or call their mother just to moan about what humidity is doing to her hair? It’s called therapeutic complaining. And all women understand this need. It’s like women were born with a defect. And this defect can only be understood and nurtured by another woman. This need to bitch, moan, and whine about things outside of our control.

As a woman, do you call your man when you are caught in rush hour traffic frantically screaming about how some asshole got into an accident and you are now stuck on the connector for all eternity, or that you are officially lost Downtown and no one will find your body? Didn’t it feel good? Wasn’t it a release? Not for the poor man. He felt helpless and befuddled. How could he fix it for you? What could he do? Nothing. You just wanted a moment’s release. At his expense.

Still befuddled? Women are at times confused by this behavior as well. It’s disturbing knowing that we go on, never solving the situation, never resolving a conflict, never moving past an argument or never asking for help even as we are lost in an urban ghetto waiting to be carjacked.

It’s a simple issue that is really not all that simple. It’s almost like the drama of the situation is the goal. If women get to complain– the drama festers. If the problem is solved– the drama ceases to exist. Hence, the issue. Make sense? Not really. Alas, it is what it is. Women will continue to whine. Men will continue to wonder why.



One response to “#1: Complaining

  1. The Man in question

    >‘you looked fine in the first shirt, why are you changing’?

    That’s me she’s referring to, but she *DOES* look good in every single outfit she tries on until she decides on *THE* perfect combination…

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