#2: Judgment

judgementNow, I don’t mean judgment on ourselves. That would not be something that women love. In fact, we don’t like that at all.

What women actually love is to judge other women. Mock other women. Talk about other women. Roast other women.

This act gives us some sense of self satisfaction that is difficult to achieve in any other area of our lives. Probably because women go the coward’s way and place their judgment behind the scorned party’s back.

There is no true formula for this action. Most of us like to call it ‘people watching.’

Example # 1: You are out at the shoe store checking out some stilettos for that trip to Midtown next weekend. You spot a potential victim. Mom jeans. Sweatshirt. Scrunchie.  Maybe out of shape. What is she trying on, you ask? A pair of red Crocs. What do you do? Why, flip open your cell, take a covert pic and send it to your best girlfriend.  Women laugh about that crap for days. That poor woman is now known as the Crocs lady. But you certainly feel better about your own sense of style as you checkout with those stilettos.

Example #2: You and your girls are up in ‘Da Club.’ All the ladies are drinking, dancing and watching the crowd. You spot her. Dress too tight or short, drunk beyond all comprehension and she’s riding up on her other girlfriend desperately attempting to get attention from a flock of men. You and your ladies exchange the eye roll. Then come the snarky comments. Finally, you declare them both ‘sluts’ and continue with your fun. Maybe you took a pic of those girls too. Just to set the bitches straight, you put them on a gossip website. Ha! You are clearly classier than they are. And you know it.

The thing is, we all do this. Every single woman out there has done the judgment thing. We’ve been participating in this sport since we made fun of Ms. Wallace’s jumper dress and wooden apple necklace back in High school. It’s kind of fun.

What we don’t like to admit, however, is that we too have been judged at some point in our lives. Only, we don’t like to think about that or we’d feel bad about mocking that girl for wearing the JLo inspired velure tracksuit circa 2002.

She called. She wants that thing back.


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