#3: Oprah

oprahOprah Winfrey.

Why do women love her so?

Because, despite the fact that she wears $900 Jimmy Choos, 5 carat diamond earrings and knows Will Smith as a close and personal friend, she gets us. She understands us. She is THE every-woman.

Where would women be without her tips on weight loss, fashion and self-esteem?  Yes Oprah, you have a personal chef, a stylist and Dr. Phil. We know all of this. But if you can make the world a better place with so little help, then dammit– so can we.

How could we get through the day without that interview with Brad and Angie? What would women do without Tom Cruise and his couch, Carnie Wilson sobbing over her weight or the gals from Sex and The City insisting that they were all BFFs? We need those candid celebrity interviews to survive. It is sad, but nevertheless true. Oprah is our drug.

She opened a school in Africa, she funds colleges– my God– she handpicked our President! Is there anything that Oprah can’t do? For women around the globe, Oprah is a shining example of what we all wish to achieve: Ultimate celebrity status. Respect. Fame above all reproach. The ability to give cars to people just because she can.

She’s been in our hearts and on our TVs for 21 years. Oprah is a friend to all women. Tyra Banks, the ball is in your court now.


2 responses to “#3: Oprah

  1. Tyra Banks can’t do good for the world.. she is much too busy being the queen of fierce and looking at mirrors. duhhh

  2. Significant Other

    >my God– she handpicked our President!

    Are you saying that besides having the best book lists and diets, our girl Oprah is also a king maker?! What a resume…

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