#4: Identifying with Fictitious Characters


Are you a Carrie? A Samantha? Perhaps the prudish Charlotte or ruthless Miranda?

Then you, my friend, are guilty to the #4 female love: Identifying with fictitious characters.

It’s not enough that we have to swallow ‘chick flick’ movies with sugar or that we are assaulted by images of Reese Witherspoon and Christina Applegate bumbling through life. Women start to believe that they see a bit of themselves in the roles that studio execs (male studio execs) create for them.

Women from all age groups, social classes and creeds participate in this ritual. Why, do you ask? We love to daydream. Fantasize about something bigger out there. Find our prince. For every happy ending in some crappy romantic comedy (Sweet Home Alabama anyone?), a ray of hope and sunshine beams down in our direction. I mean, who wouldn’t want Patrick Dempsey or that no name southern actor that I can’t remember right now fight over you? It could happen.

How many ‘Which Sex and the City character are you?’ quizzes have you taken? Could you picture yourself as Bella from Twilight? On more than one occasion? Come on, admit it.

Men cannot and will not understand this. I don’t know one single guy that has said, “God I really identify with Angel on the Buffy Series. He’s so deep and brooding.” That would be absolute social suicide and an utter turnoff quite frankly. They don’t process fiction that way. They don’t picture themselves as that lead character– saving the day or getting the girl. They don’t get lost in the beauty of the story. We do.

It’s like porn. Women will watch it. Women have seen it. Is it really a huge turn-on for us? Not usually. Why is this? Men seem to like it. A lot. The answer is simple: Where is the story? Where is the fight between the couple, the one that turns into hot sex against a wall? Where is the emotion, the passion, the romance? Find me a porn that does that and I’ll put it on my Netflix rotation. Men don’t need this character connection. They just want to see the sex. It’s all visual. But women– we want to BE that woman having the great sex against the wall. We can see ourselves in her. We dream about being her. Think about that, boys.

So when we watch Sex and the City with our girlfriends, come home and ask you “Which one do you think I’m like?” amuse us. We have to have a little fantasy in our lives. You may get something out of it. If you say Samantha– perhaps you get the sex kitten for the night. Carrie– witty repartee. I advise straying from the Charlotte or Miranda comparisons because, let’s be honest, who really wants to be compared to a prude or a bitch? Yeah.


4 responses to “#4: Identifying with Fictitious Characters

  1. Significant Other

    Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a weimaraner, or if you are more into “Family Guy”, a foot.


  2. Isn’t that funny because I think I would prefer to be called Charlotte. Let’s face it, she’s the hottest of them all, she’s classy and intelligent, and duh- has the best name ever.
    Also I admit to being more turned on by Twilight than I have in the past year by anything else- porn included.

  3. his name is josh loucas. and he is hot 🙂 and we all know you are totally a samantha, skank 🙂

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